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Cannonball Run Europe

10th October 2004

Hertfordshire based media company Stingray Media Solutions Ltd have been appointed as the PR and sponsorship partner to Cannonball Run Europe. This will mean that Stingray will take full responsibility for all media communications from the Cannonball HQ.

Stingray will also steer Cannonball Run Europe through every sponsorship opportunity and will negotiate each deal as they are tabled to the company.

Simon Leith, Managing Director of Stingray Media Solutions said, "After completing this years Run it seemed logical that we should, with our experience, become involved in the development of this amazing project. We are looking forward to making a major positive impact to Cannonball Run Europe".

This was mirrored by Tim Porter, Managing Director of Cannonball Run Europe Ltd, who also commented, "I am delighted that Stingray are on-board and feel sure that their input will be massively helpful to both our PR and sponsorship activities".

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